Welcome Birgit Strobel - our 100th member





On 19 February 2014 we welcomed our 100th tigermember

to our Base in Neuburg/Do.



She took the long journey from South Tyrol upon her to come visit the “Bavarian Tigers” at their home. Birgit Strobel is not an unknown to the Tigers – she was the partner of Tiger Dirk “Ecki” Eckhardt from Lechfeld’s 321. Tornado Tigers.



 She was welcomed at the gate and brought to our Tiger aircraft, the 30+29.

There the Eurofighter was explained to her and she was presented the supporter patch along with the membership certificate for the 100th member.

Birgit observed several takeoffs from the #1 holding area.


Following that we went to one of our wing’s highlights, the museum where you can take a close look at the aircraft of past days that really get a fighter fan’s blood pumping – the F-86K Sabre, F-104G Starfighter and F-4F Phantom II.




After a short visit to our flying squadron Birgit was allowed to take a ride over the Bavarian home of Neuburg’s Tigers in the Eurofighter simulator.



A very pleasant afternoon ended in the squadron bar and the “Bavarian Tigers” entrance with a final photograph to commemorate the occasion.

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