The Last Flight of an Legend! The F4-F Phantom 38+10 back home to FW74.

Our Tiger Typhoon and the 50 years´s FW74 anniversary Eurofighter escorting the F4-F Phantom 38+10 due her last Phlight to Fighterwing Neuburg a. d. Donau. The 38+10 was stationed in JG74 before the Eurofighter taken over at 2006. Rescued from the scrap press the F4 with historical painting from the 70´s will throne as a Gate Guard and will always remember the great Aera of our loved phabulous Phantoms.



A beautiful Phormation over FW 74.

A Great low level phlyby with an phenomenal climb!

The last Phlyby with hook/gear down and a salute from the Pilot

Job well done! Thank you phabulous Phantom!

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