Bavarian Tiger Patch is ready!

Our patch which we will wear during our participation during NATO TIGER MEET 2013 is ready!


For those who can´t wait, check on the biggest sales platform in the internet for Bavarian Tigers, the first 3 out of 200 will be sold there exclusively by us.The rest will be for the detachment members and visitors of the Tiger Airshow. However soon we will setup a possibility to order the second batch online without limitations. For more info check this page frequently
Greetings from Bavaria!

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    Mart (Montag, 10 Juni 2013 22:46)

    Great stuff!! Keep up the Spirit!! Roarrrr... ;))

  • #2

    Damian (Mittwoch, 12 Juni 2013 22:15)

    Ich hoffe ihr bringt mir eines ans NTM mit. ;-)
    Gruss aus der Schweiz
    Ground Crew Staffel 11

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